How To File a Foreign LLC in Delaware

If you are having your own business in any other state and want to expand it in Delaware then you have to file Delaware Foreign LLC. Then all the foreign entities may apply by submitting some documents to the Delaware Division of Corporations. The foreign entities must stick to Title 5-30 of the Delaware State Code as the domestic entity will also do the same if they want to form a business. If you want to form your Forign LLC smoothly, then you should follow the steps that are mentioned below. All the information that you enter in the form must be true and accurate. You can visit the official website if you want to move further. In order to complete the process, you have to mail all the things to the address mentioned on the page.

You have to pay an amount of $200 extra to acquire a certificate of registration & $50 extra to make the certificate. This certificate can help you to get many other licenses and permits for your LLC. A detailed note regarding the steps is mentioned below. The first thing that you have to do is to select a name for your LLC that should be different from any other state and must comply with the naming guideline of Delaware state.

How To Mail The Certificate of Registration? 

As provided in the information above that the first thing you have to do is to have a Name search and select a name for your Delaware Foreign LLC. To do that task you have to visit the official website of the Delaware secretary of the state and have a Business entity search. If the name is selected by any other business then you have to search for a new name. If the name is available you can use that name.

Step 1- The first thing that you have to perform is to visit the Name Database of the Delaware secretary of the state. If the name is available for you then you have to register it so that no other entity can use that name. The name reservation can be performed to save the name and that will cost $75. It is an important step for forming Delaware Foreign LLC.

Step 2 – In order to form an LLC, relevant documents must be printed to fill them physically. Now, you have to attach all the documents and send them to the Delaware secretary of the state.

Step 3 – As told above that you have to fill in some accurate details of your Delaware Foreign LLC. You can expect the following details to be filled in the form.

Cover Sheet

Desired processing time
Company/firm or individual’s name
Return address
Phone number
Fax number
E-mail address
Account number
Name of company/entity
File number
Reservation number
Type of document
Information about document
Number of certified copies returned
Other requests
Check number
The total value of $ enclosed
Credit card information (if paying the filing fee using a credit card)
Method of return


Cover Sheet

Certificate of Registration 

  • A name under which you are registered in Delaware Foreign LLC.
  • The name under which the LLC was formed
  • Where and when the LLC was originally formed
  • The nature of business
  • Address of registered office
  • Name of registered agent
  • The date which the foreign LLC intends to begin doing business in Delaware
  • Signature of the authorized person
  • Typed/printed name of an authorized person


Certificate of Registration 

Step 4 – Here comes the last step to form your Delaware Foreign LLC that is to attach all the documents and send them to the state. If you are paying using the check you can pay $250 or $200 if you don’t want to purchase a copy of the Certificate. Once you complete attaching all the documents you have to mail all the documents to the address mentioned below. It is necessary for you to attach a certificate of good standing. Send all the things to the below address.

Division of Corporations
John G. Townsend Bldg.
401 Federal Street, – Suite 4
Dover, DE 19901

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